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Please fill out the form below to submit items for Collector’s Alley. For inquiries call 843-448-9483. We will contact you once approved with contract, drop-off information, and/or shipping instructions.

You can also submit items via:

Collector’s Alley Agreement:

1) I, as the owner of the goods on the attached list, desire to have Collector’s Alley at the Dickens Christmas Show & Festivals (being held November 11th through November 14th 2021 at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center) sell these items on the attached list for the prices indicated on the list. With the signing of this document and the delivery of the items, I am effectively appointing Collector’s Alley the Consignee to sell my collectibles for the price indicated on the listing sheet.

2) Fees and Payments – Buyer is responsible to pay sales tax on top of the price designated by Owner. Collector’s Alley is to receive 15% of price, not including tax. Owner/Consignor is to receive 85% of the selling price, not including tax. Item(s) will be sold at the listing price only, Unless Owner/Consignor agrees in text or email to a lower offer from a buyer.

3) If item is sold, consignor can pick up their funds on Monday, November 15th 2021, after 12pm, at 708 Main Street in Myrtle Beach, SC or funds can be mailed.

4) Items not Sold – Items not sold can Only be picked up after 6pm, until 10pm on Sunday, November 14th, 2021 at the Myrtle Beach Convention Center, Hall C or during other, pre-arranged times depending on amount, size and shape of the items. (but only after the Show is over).

5) Consignor grants permission for items to be advertised prior to the Show and agrees that no matter what, No purchases will be carried out prior to the actual Show. All sales to be carried out on the open Show floor.

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