Collector’s Alley

Terms of Acceptance

  • No Arts & Crafts
  • Items must be Collectibles
  • No Retail Shop items (This is only for collectibles from private collections)
  • Personally owned collections Only
  • There will be limited space for products and a limited number of items allowed for each collector/seller. The size of products will be a determining factor.
  • No NEW merchandise
  • Items are accepted upon approval of the Collector's Alley Committee
  • Consignors agree to all conditions on contract which will be sent to consignors only after approval by committee for their participation.
  • A limited number of consignors will be accepted on a first-come, first approved basis.
  • All accepted items will be displayed via photographs prior to the event on a variety of social media platforms. The actual items will be on display for purchase only at the show, in the Collector's Alley location.

The following are some examples of collectibles; they are just ideas, you are not limited to these specific items:

  • Dickens Village Pieces
  • Antique Furniture
  • Antique Quilts
  • Antique Toys
  • Vintage Housewares
  • Vintage Clocks
  • Vintage Signs
  • Vintage Glassware
  • Vintage Books
  • Snowglobes
  • Vintage China
  • Vintage Sterling Silver
  • Vintage Artwork
  • Vintage Holiday Ornaments
  • Vintage Nativity Scenes
  • Vintage Cigar Boxes
  • Vintage Pottery
  • Vintage Instruments
  • Christmas Collectibles
  • Santa Collections
  • And … A Whole World of Collectables
Whatever You Treasure - Someone Else is Sure to Treasure Too

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